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Buy Wellness and Recovery today This website is dedicated to persons in recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictive disorders - and their family members - together with addiction treatment professionals. It is designed to introduce you to the many benefits associated with embracing a wellness-oriented lifestyle as an integral component of your recovery program.

The materials highlighted in this website draw upon Dr. John Newport’s groundbreaking book The Wellness-Recovery Connection: Charting Your Pathway to Optimal Health While Recovering From Alcoholism and Drug Addiction.

As you are well aware, chemical dependency is a serious disease with devastating consequences. Alcoholics and addicts whose diseases go untreated suffer major health consequences - including severe damage to their livers, hearts and other vital organs - often dying decades before their time. What you may not be aware of is the fact that millions of people in recovery - perhaps the majority - also shortchange themselves of years of joyful living as a result of their nicotine addiction, compulsive over-eating, junk food addiction and other self-destructive behaviors they carry with them into their recovery.

Fortunately, you can use the tools of wellness to take charge of your health and strengthen your recovery. A wellness lifestyle and recovery from chemical dependency go hand in hand. By embracing a wellness lifestyle, you will experience the many joys of recovery in “full spectrum Technicolor”!

More specifically, the wellness-recovery connection will help you to:

  • Successfully navigate early recovery and prevent relapse
  • Enjoy maximum energy and vitality - while adding decades to your life expectancy
  • Free yourself from addiction to nicotine, caffeine and junk foods
  • Enjoy optimal fitness, nutrition and personal fulfillment

The Wellness Tools highlighted in this website include:

Embrace the full benefits of wellness and recovery - and enjoy the journey! As you move forward in charting your pathway to optimal health, you may use the contact form to share your own journeys in wellness and recovery. To your health!

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