The Wellness - Recovery Connection:
Charting Your Pathway to Optimal Health While Recovering From Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

by John Newport, Ph.D., with a  foreword by Terence T. Gorski. Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

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"The Wellness-Recovery Connection" is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to strengthen their well-being in sobriety and in life."
William T. O'Donnell, Jr., founder, Sierra Tucson Treatment Center

"This excellent book would be a fine supplement to any recovery program."
Publishers Weekly, January 3, 2005

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Book Summary: The Wellness - Recovery Connection

The Wellness-Recovery Connection represents a unique first-of-its kind guidebook for persons recovering from addictive disorders. Fully compatible with 12-Step principles, this book shows readers how to use the tools of wellness to add years - even decades - to their life expectancy and experience the full joy of recovery.

In this powerful book, Dr. Newport breaks down the complex principles of wellness, which can seem intimidating and out of reach for most, and gives readers a step-by-step guide for putting them into practice in their daily lives. Filled with exercises, goal-setting worksheets and inspirational tips, readers will be empowered to create their own personal blueprint for optimal health and personal fulfillment.

More specifically, The Wellness-Recovery Connection shows readers how to:

  • Successfully navigate early recovery and prevent relapse
  • Enjoy maximum energy and vitality - while adding decades to your life expectancy
  • Free yourself from addiction to nicotine, caffeine and junk foods
  • Enjoy optimal fitness, nutrition and personal fulfillment

This groundbreaking book also fills a critical gap in the area of relapse prevention, as a growing body of evidence - including the author's own research - attests to the powerful benefits of a wellness-oriented lifestyle in successfully staying clean and sober. The Wellness-Recovery Connection is an essential guide for people in recovery and their families, and for treatment professionals.

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