john newport pic About Dr. John Newport
Author: The Wellness-Recovery Connection

"Dr. John" Newport is uniquely qualified as an authority on the wellness - recovery connection. He holds doctorates in psychology and public health, and has served as an enthusiastic advocate for wellness throughout his career in the wellness, health services and addictions fields, spanning over 30 years.

Highlights include positions as:

  • A wellness coordinator for a major California HMO
  • A chemical dependency program coordinator and marketing specialist for a major psychiatric chain
  • Designer of one of California's first HMO-based benefits packages focusing on substance abuse rehabilitation.

His doctoral dissertation in public health at UCLA focused on evolving holistic orientations to health care, and his doctoral dissertation in psychology represents the first systematic investigation of the powerful connection between a wellness-oriented lifestyle and successfulness of recovery from chemical dependency. This research culminated in the publication of "The Wellness-Recovery Connection".

Dr. Newport has also published over 200 articles about addictions, health care issues and the mind/body connection in health and healing, and authors a monthly column on wellness and recovery for Steps for Recovery (circulation 35,000). He is a featured contributor to Counselor:The Magazine for Addiction Professionals, The California Therapist, EAP Digest, Health Care Business, Leadership Initiative, the Journal of Holistic Medicine and Public Health Reports.

During the summer of 2010 Dr. Newport served on a blue-ribbon panel convened by the Federal Center for Substance Abuse Treatment to develop Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) guidelines addressing health, wellness and recovery in substance abuse treatment.

Dr. Newport currently lives in Tucson, Arizona with his wife, Ann, and his hobbies include creative writing, hiking in the desert, and listening to straight-ahead jazz.

"Dr. Newport's enthusiasm for wellness and recovery is highly contagious."
Terence T. Gorski, leading authority on relapse prevention

"Dr. John Newport is a strong writer, who is passionate about both his topic and his craft."
Penelope Love, Editor, Counselor: The Magazine for Addiction Professionals

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