The Wellness - Recovery Connection

terence gorski

By Terence T. Gorski

"I have specialized in the treatment of addiction and related health-care problems since September of 1969. During that time I have come to appreciate the complexity of factors that increase the risk of developing addiction, interfere with early identification and treatment, and cause serious problems with relapse. It has become clear to me that addiction is a life-threatening disease. Attaining meaningful sobriety, therefore, is a lifelong process of successively working though the progressive stages of recovery. In its essence, sobriety is living a meaningful and comfortable life without the need for alcohol or other mood-altering drugs. Yet true sobriety is far more than just healing the damage caused by addiction. Recovery means embracing a lifestyle that promotes continued physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health and growth.

Recovery from chemical dependency is a developmental process that involves successfully navigating a series of progressive stages of recovery. The process of recovery forces us to keep growing, learning, and changing. As we move through the early, middle and later stages of recovery, we are constantly challenged to stretch our boundaries and strive for new levels of growth and maturity at all levels of our lives. While recovery is a long-term process that is far from easy, we can learn to enjoy the journey.

I believe that The Wellness - Recovery Connection will serve as a valuable resource for persons at all stages of recovery, as well as for their families and treatment professionals. This book is an especially valuable resource for persons in the middle and later stages of recovery, whose growth in their recovery process is appropriately focused on developing a balanced lifestyle, pursuing new horizons of personal growth and enjoying a high-quality sobriety experience.

I firmly agree with Dr. Newport that far too many people in recovery needlessly short-change themselves of years, even decades, of joyful and productive living through failing to fully embrace a health-conducive lifestyle and incorporate this into their recovery programs. The Wellness - Recovery Connection is designed to give you the tools to incorporate a wellness-oriented lifestyle in your recovery program, and to guide you through this process. The points presented throughout this book are fully compatible with 12-step principles.

I especially like the way Dr. Newport has laid out the book to provide practical, step-by-step guidelines for the recovering alcoholic/addict on how to develop your personalized "wellness and longevity blueprint", and adopt a healthy lifestyle that is fully compatible with sound principles of recovery and relapse prevention. Equally important, the book brings a refreshing perspective to bear on the important personal growth aspects of wellness and recovery, including finding and manifesting your central purpose in life, spirituality and life satisfaction.

In reading this book, you will find that Dr. Newport's enthusiasm for wellness and recovery is highly infectious. In summary, The Wellness - Recovery Connection should serve as a valuable aid for persons at all stages of recovery, in embracing a healthy lifestyle that goes hand in hand with enjoying high-quality sobriety."

Terence T. Gorski

Terrence T. Gorski is founder and director of the Center for Applied Sciences (CENAPS), an addictions training and consulting firm dedicated to providing advanced skills training for addictions professionals, with special emphasis on preventing relapse and assisting persons in recovery in achieving lifelong growth throughout the recovery process. He is the author of "Passages Through Recovery" and co-author of "Counseling for Relapse Prevention".

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