Consultation to Treatment Programs

Many treatment programs are seeking expert guidance concerning how to cost-effectively integrate wellness and recovery into their primary treatment and continuing care offerings. Common concerns include laying a solid nutritional foundation for recovery, role of wellness and recovery in relapse prevention, freeing clients from nicotine addiction, effectively utilizing community resources in promoting wellness and recovery, and promoting continued growth in sobriety and quality of life following completion of primary treatment and continuing care.

In response to these needs, Dr. Newport has developed a package of wellness and recovery consulting services that can be custom-tailored to your program's needs and budget. These services can be provided either on site or by telephone.

The following outline depicts typical components of a program consultation entailing a one or two-day site visit:

  • Pre-Visit Phase:
    • Phone conferences to zero in on program's needs: identifying key wellness and recovery issues that client desires to address at this time.
    • Consultant reviews data concerning center's present programs, patient mix, etc.
  • On-Site Visit:
    • Initial briefing with administrative and clinical leadership and other key stakeholders/tour of facility
    • Focused group and individual meetings with relevant administrative and clinical staff, department heads, alumni representatives (if desired), and other stakeholders with major interest in wellness and recovery
    • De-briefing with key stakeholders
  • Post Site Visit:
    • Consultant submits written report and recommendations (generally within 10 business days following site visit)
    • Post-visit conference call with key stakeholders
    • Additional follow-up services can be arranged, which can often be conducted primarily by telephone or e-mail, occasionally entailing an additional site visit.

Consultation and Workshop Package:
If client desires, Dr. Newport can include one or more workshops or in-services in the on-site consultation visit.

Further Information
To contact Dr. Newport for further information, please refer to his Contact Page.

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