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It is impossible to serve as a role model for wellness in recovery if you are not taking care of yourself. Unfortunately, many if not most addiction professionals short-change themselves in this important area. Many still cling to their nicotine addiction (cigarette smoking is the leading cause of death for people in recovery) and/or succumb to other "substitute addictions" including over-eating and addiction to sugar and caffeine. Many counselors also harbor heavy co-dependency tendencies and have a difficult time in reconciling the stresses of working in our field with a well-balanced, health-conducive lifestyle.

In recognition of the need among counselors and other addiction professionals for guidance in taking better of themselves, Dr. Newport has developed a variety of service offerings addressing counselor wellness. These include:

  • Workshop/Intensive Training: "Counselor Wellness: Addictions Professional Heal Thyself"
    This popular training can be presented on-site at your center as an in-service, and is also available at many addictions conferences. Click here for details.
  • Personalized Wellness Counseling
    Dr. Newport is available to living in Southern Arizona or visiting the area. A special discounted rate applies to treatment program staff. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION click here. Please see Dr. Newport's Contact Page in order to contact him.
  • Action Planning for Wellness Packet
    Click Here to access the "Action Planning for Wellness" forms employed in Dr. Newport's Counselor Wellness Workshop. Please note that these forms are copyrighted material and are intended for the down-loader's own use in personal wellness planning. Express permission must be obtained from Dr. Newport to use these forms in treatment programs or private practice settings. Please contact Dr. Newport for this purpose. Use of these materials for publication or any other commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.

For Treatment Professionals
Counselor Wellness Workshop

Click Here for information about the book The Wellness - Recovery Connection

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