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Table of Contents

The Wellness - Recovery Connection

by John Newport, Ph.D.


Foreword by Terrence T. Gorski xi
Acknowledgements xv
Introduction xiv
Part I: The Importance of Wellness to Recovery
1. Wellness: The Missing Dimension in Recovery 3
2. The Importance of Wellness to Early Recovery and Relapse Prevention 9
3. Claiming Your Birthright to Optimal Health 27
Part II: Integrating the Cornerstones of Wellness into Your Recovery Program
4. The Nutritional Hazards of Alcoholism and Drug Addiction 43
5. Your Nutritional Foundation for Recovery 57
6. Physical Exercise: Fitness and Recovery 89
7. Stress Management and Meditation 105
8. Developing a Strong Social Support System 125
9. Cultivating Your Central Purpose, Spirituality and Life Satisfaction 141
10. Conquering Nicotine Addiction 155
Part III: Your Personal Blueprint for Wellness and Recovery
11. Conducting Your Personal Wellness Assessment 179
12. Action Planning for Wellness : Getting Started, Monitoring Your Progress and Following Through 207
13. Making Optimal Use of Health Care Resources 231
14. Parting Thoughts 253
Appendix: Suggested Resources for Wellness and Recovery 259
References 271
About the Author 285
Share Your Journeys in Wellness and Recovery 286
Wellness and Recovery Website 287

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