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"Dr. Newport's enthusiasm for wellness and recovery is highly infectious. I especially like the way the book is laid out to provide practical, step-by-step guidance for recovering alcoholics and addicts on how to develop your personalized 'wellness and longevity blueprint' and adopt a wellness lifestyle that is fully compatible with sound principles of recovery and relapse prevention. The Wellness - Recovery Connection should serve as a valuable aid for people at all stages of recovery, in embracing a healthy lifestyle that goes hand in hand with enjoying high quality sobriety."

Terence T. Gorski

director, Center for Applied Sciences (CENAPS), author, Passages Through Recovery and coauthor, Counseling for Relapse Prevention
"The Wellness - Recovery Connection will change lives. It is the most comprehensive book ever written on the important issues of health and well-being as they affect recovering people. Author John Newport brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the topic, and presents this critical information with clarity and grace. This book should be read by all recovering people - and their families."

Jeff Jay

coauthor, Love First: A New Approach to Intervention for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction
"The Wellness - Recovery Connection is a sweet breath of fresh air. At last, the all-important role of wellness in relapse prevention is elucidated clearly in this well-written and easy-to-use interactive work. In a simple-to-understand fashion Dr. Newport extends the spiritual principles of 12-step programs to their natural conclusion - the wellness lifestyle through which one's spiritual potential can be realized in everyday living."

Emmett E. Miller M.D.

author, Deep Healing and the Deep Healing CD, video and cassette series
"The Wellness - Recovery Connection is a 'must read' for persons struggling with chemical dependency and their families, as well as for clinicians who counsel them. Dr. Newport's writing style makes this book a fast read, and it covers a vast number of topics in a simple, easy-to-read manner."

Dianne Wright, MS, RSW

former regional vice president of National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) and past president of Michigan Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (MAADAC)
"As founder of Sierra Tucson, I have dedicated a major portion of my life to addressing wellness in recovery. I applaud Dr. Newport's efforts to bring this information to critical target audiences, namely people in recovery and family members, as well as treatment professionals. The Wellness - Recovery Connection is an excellent guide for those who want to strengthen their well-being in sobriety and in life."

William T. O'Donnell, Jr.

founder, Sierra Tucson, Tucson, Arizona
"This important, easy-to-use book focuses on wellness as an essential component of recovery from addiction. Put this book to work in your life and you will begin to experience the full joy of sobriety."

William Glasser, M.D.

author, Positive Addiction and Warning: Psychiatry Can Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health
"Trying to recover from alcohol and drug addiction without the tools of wellness is like fighting with one hand tied behind your back. Yet is astonishing how the many dimensions of wellness are often neglected in the treatment field. The Wellness - Recovery Connection corrects this oversight, and in doing so brings recovery within the reach of many more people."

Larry Dossey, M.D.

author, Healing Beyond the Body, Reinventing Medicine and Healing Words
"I would highly recommend The Wellness - Recovery Connection to anyone in recovery. Dr. Newport's underlying message concerning the importance of healthy lifestyles is extremely important to anyone working a 12-step program. His book provides excellent tools for preventing relapse, as well as for dramatically improving the quality of your life."

Susan Laufer

publisher, Steps for Recovery
"The Wellness - Recovery Connection is an important book that should be a part of any clinician's therapeutic approach to alcoholism and drug addiction."

Joseph Beasley, M.D.

coauthor, Food for Recovery: The Complete Nutritional Companion for Recovering from Alcoholism and author, Drug Addiction and Eating Disorders, director, Addiction End Institute and former department chair, Harvard School of Public Health

Book Reviews

Review from Publishers Weekly - week of January 3, 2005
Health & Fitness

John Newport. Health Communications, $12.95 paper (300p) ISBN 0-7573-0213-0

For those with drug or alcohol addictions, arresting that dependency is, obviously, crucial for survival. But overcoming addiction's insidious effects on the body by taking charge of one's health is critical as well. Newport, a wellness professional and counselor with 25 years of experience, focuses on the "neglected stepchild" of recovery: basic wellness concepts that, he says, are often disregarded. Newport emphasizes that "taking it one step at a time" works for integrating a wellness-oriented lifestyle into recovery. Years of drinking and doing drugs produce an undernourished body that needs a decent nutritional foundation, which Newport covers in detail. Additionally, many former alcohol and drug addicts develop new addictions (to caffeine, nicotine or junk foods), and Newport discusses ways to prevent this from happening, including engaging in "moderate intensity physical activity," stress management and meditation. He outlines meaningful applications to accompany the spiritual dimension of wellness and recovery, and challenges readers to set long-term goals. Numerous resources, from literature to Web sites, will be of further assistance. This excellent book would be a fine supplement to any recovery program.

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